• Why Monarch when you work with trees, isn’t that a butterfly?  Yes, however, the name “Monarch” is referring to forest monarchs.  Forest monarchs are the oldest living trees in the forest.  I first learned this concept of forest monarchs after visiting the giant sequoia groves in the Sierra Nevada of California.  Old (sometimes large) trees are referred to as monarchs of the forest.  I liked the concept and decided to create my brand based on the oldest and wisest of the trees.
  • Why “Consulting Arborists” if it is just you performing the services.  I collaborate with other arborists that specialize in specific areas of arboriculture or related fields when appropriate.
  • How much do you charge?  Proposals and costs are based on the scope of assignment.  I generally don’t operate on an hourly basis (there are exceptions) with my clients and usually give a contract project price.  I understand this is a departure from most consulting services but I stand by my contractual obligations as agreed upon, and my clients can budget accurately.  Please contact me for pricing information.
  • Can you prune or remove my tree?  I do not provide any tree care services such as pruning or removal.  I would be happy to refer you to some reputable companies in your area.